Seafood Restaurant Brisbane

Seafood Restaurant Brisbane

Quality Seafood Restaurants in the Brisbane CBD

One of the highest quality seafood restaurants in the Brisbane CBD, Blackbird withholds an incredibly high standard of seafood produce, working closely with local suppliers who focus on sustainability and quality, while using state of the art equipment to cook the dishes to perfection every time.

This standard has remained the same since the conception of Blackbird, garnering a reputation for quality and consistency.


Rocky Point Aquaculture

Rocky Point Aquaculture is based halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast on Moreton Bay, the seafood produce is sustainably grown and sold throughout Australia. The company is owned by a family with 150 years of farming history in the region. Executive Chef Jake Nicolson has been working closely with Rocky Point Aquaculture since their inception when they started producing Giant QLD Grouper and Cobia at their Aquaculture facility. Cobia is considered by chefs around Australia to be ‘the wagyu of the sea’. Spearheaded by Serena Zipf and her family, the business has been a feature of our sharing dishes ever since.

Fraser Isle Spanner Crab

Fraser Isle Spanner Crab, owned by Les and Lyn Apps, is a single-fisherman fleet that heads out in a small boat around 2am and sets up as the sun rises. The Crabs come from the Sunshine coast, they have a healthy diet of prawns and scallops resulting in the sweetest crab meat on the planet. The Queensland Spanner Crab Fishery is a single target fishery that was among the first to be certified sustainable under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Walkers Seafoods Swordfish

Our swordfish is supplied by Walkers Seafoods, led by Heidi Walker. Executive Chef Jake Nicolson first met Heidi in 2013 when Blackbird was in concept stage, Heidi supplies MSC certified YF Tuna and Swordfish, hand graded specifically for Blackbird at their main fishing port located in Mooloolaba.

Ora King Salmon

Ora King is the highest grade of King Salmon produced in the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand and hand selected for Blackbird. This is truly the best King Salmon produced anywhere in the world. Each salmon is individually numbered for traceability and delivers a taste that is incomparable to anything else.


For those who enjoy the finer things, Blackbird is home to an incredible selection of caviar from Australia and beyond. Our staff are on hand to guide you through the journey and recommend you a premium Champagne to pair with your caviar.

How We Prepare Our Seafood?

The infierno 96 was built by Grillworks in the USA, we use a combination of natural coal and aromatic woods to fuel the fire to around 1000 degrees that we use to cook most of the fish at Blackbird.

The adjustable grill surface allows us to raise and lower the plate accordingly to achieve a premium sear on the meat, resulting in a caramelised surface area, locking in the natural juices of the protein.